[BigHit] Bang PD Talks Profits And Plans

On early morning of August 21, Big Hit Entertainment held a corporate briefing which both Bang Sihyuk and Yoon Seokjun attended.

According to Bang PD, in the first half of the year Big Hit’s sales amounted to 200.1 billion won (more than $166 million), and they achieved an operating profit of 39.1 billion won (more than $32 million). To put things into perspective, their sales revenue for all of 2018 was 200.1 billion.

The co-CEO emphasized BigHit’s desire to expand, become even better and more profitable, and ultimately revolutionize the music industry.

Now on to some more exiting news.

Apparently, Big Hit is preparing to launch a new drama which will be based on the Bangtan Universe, starting when the boys first met. The drama, done in partnership with a famous Korean drama production company, is going to be revealed sometime in the second half of 2020.

For those of you who liked BTS World, good news! Big Hit is working with Netmarble on another BTS mobile game.

Bang PD said that this is just the beginning and that they want to enable their artists to communicate and interact with the fans through trans-media experience, including webtoons, comic books, games, drama and more.

Finally, they talked about their recent acquisition of Source Music. Bang Sihyuk said they are preparing a global-scale audition in order to form Big Hit’s new (and technically first) girl group.

What do you think about all of this? What are you most excited about? And the most important question – who do you want to star in the roles of young Bangtan Boys?

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