BigHit Releases Statement Regarding Jungkook’s Car Accident

On November 4, it was reported that BTS’ member Jungkook was involved in a minor car accident on November 2 and was treated for minor injuries. Korean news outlets also reported that he violated traffic law and hit a taxi in Seoul, but the police haven’t confirmed the news as the investigation is still in process.

Moments ago, Big Hit Entertainment issued an official statement regarding Jungkook’s accident:

Hello, this is BigHit Entertainment.
We would like to address Jungkook’s car accident. We haven’t been able to provide explanations earlier as the police haven’t concluded the official investigation yet.
Last week, while Jungook was driving his car, he hit another vehicle, but neither Jungkook nor the other driver sustained serious injuries.
The police inspected the accident site and concluded that Jungkook violated Road Traffic Law. The matter was settled on spot with the other driver.
Once again, we apologize to the victim and to our fans [for delivering such news].
Thank you.

We’re glad to hear that both Jungkook and the taxi driver are doing well.

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