Black Eyed Pilseung Share Their Impressions Of TWICE Members

All ONCEs are well familiar with the name Black Eyed Pilseung (BEP), the mastermind duo behind some of the group’s biggest hits; starting from the debut single “Like OOH-AHH”, to “TT”, “Cheer Up”, “Likey”, and, finally, the song that marked TWICE’s concept change – “FANCY”. BEP obviously only know how to compose total bops. Rado and Choi Kyu-sung sat for an interview with Kstyle magazine on August 20 and shared their thoughts on working with TWICE throughout the years. 

When asked how they came to work with TWICE in the first place, Rado said that they had previously composed Miss A’s “Only You” and GOT7’s “If You Do” back in 2015 when they heard that JYP Entertainment was also planning to launch a new girl group. Then they got the chance to compose TWICE’s future debut song – and the rest is history.

Next, they were asked the question all ONCEs want to know the answer to: “Was it difficult to change concept and how did you come up with ‘FANCY’?” Rado answered that the agency had contacted them with a request to compose a song that would be different from TWICE’s previous cute concepts, but the duo felt that completely changing the group’s famous color pop sound would be impossible after all the hit songs that mark TWICE’s unique music style today. That’s the reason why they decided to keep the typical TWICE “color” while adding bit darker and more mature vibe to it (we can all see that in the MV, right, ONCE?). He also added that the girls grew so much as artists in the past five years that this time the duo didn’t need to get involved in the process of deciding and assigning the song parts to each member.

The duo also shared their first impressions of TWICE members, and Rado especially complimented the foreign line for taking their Korean lessons seriously from the start: “Sana, Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu are really good at Korean, so explaining the lyrics to them and assigning parts of the song wasn’t as difficult as I had expected.” He also complimented Nayeon’s vocals and singing technique saying that she “has a perfect voice for an idol.”

ONCE, would you like for BEP to make more songs for TWICE? YES or YES? 😏 

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