Blackpink Ariana Grande Collab – Fact or Fantasy?

What’s better than one amazing female artist? Five amazing female artists together!

Ever since Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo met Ariana this year at Coachella, social media has been buzzing with rumors about their possible future collaboration.

This is not just one of those times when stans get a little too carried away. Back in 2017, when Jisoo started as an MC for Inkigayo, she did a whole dance routine to Ariana’s “Side to Side“.

Ariana has also been vocal about her admiration of our girls…

…and her willingness to do a collab with them.

Taking this into account, there is no surprise that the world has been demanding their collaboration.

Recently, however, this already-legendary-even-though-it-hasn’t-happend-yet collab has started to look more and more as a matter of when, rather than if.

Ariana Grande’s producer, Tommy Brown, posted a photo of himself with Blackpink on their third anniversary. As if this alone wasn’t enough to send fans into a frenzy, Ariana herself added fuel to the fire by commenting not one, not two, but eight hearts under the photo.

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And then yesterday he posted this.

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Expectations vs Reality 😁•|•😫

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Who do we see in one of the photos? Why, yes, our favorite chipmunk Rosé.

There is no doubt that Blackpink’s amazing company and the furry little beasts we see on the photos are reasons enough to visit Korea, but we can’t help but wonder… Why was he really there?

Fingers crossed that we get that collab and that Twitter survives if that happens!

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