[Blackpink] Ariana Grande Resorts To Desperate Measures

Ariana Grande let her inner fangirl go wild once again.

With every Instagram post and comment, the Blackpink x Ariana Grande collaboration seems more and more inevitable.

To remind you, last week Tommy Brown, Ariana’s producer, flew to Korea where he hung out with the girls. Obviously, he posted about it on Instagram.

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Ariana’s comment on the photo made headlines and sparked a lot of rumors in both their fandoms.

Tommy and Ariana are back at it again. They just can’t let us breathe.
First, Tommy posted this on his IG account.

Ariana commented that it was the best photo she has ever seen and followed it with “please and I mean please… please photoshop me in”.

And who is Tommy to deny such honest pleading? That is how this iconic photo came into being.

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Sry here’s the real one

A post shared by Tommy Brown (@tbhits) on

Everyone and their mother commented on this photo, including Jennie and Lisa.

Jennie kept it tame and wrote that she loves and misses the both of them, while Lisa went wild with “BEST PHOTO OF THE YEAR”. And yeah, Lisa might be right.

Can they just announce their collaboration so we can all breathe a sigh of relief before we start getting too hyped up for when it actually happens?

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