BLACKPINK DIARIES – Rosé Goes Back Home And Lisa Meets New Friends

Blinks, we finally got the fourteenth episode of Blackpink Diaries!

In this episode we got to see our girls perform in Rosé’s hometown – Melbourne.

Before the concert itself, Rosé took us on a little stroll down Memory Lane by visiting her old school and telling us how she earned a scar on her thigh by running to the cafeteria after the bell rang. Honestly, we can all relate to wanting to get out of the classroom as soon as physically possible.

Back on the plane Jisoo and Jennie are getting settled in for the long flight to Australia when Jennie realizes she made a grave mistake – she didn’t bring socks! And honestly, that does sound terrible. Imagine trying to get comfortable while having cold feet. Jennie tries to bargain with Jisoo to give her one of her socks, but Jisoo, the wise queen that she is, simply states that then both of them would suffer.

We’re not afraid to admit that we got teary-eyed while Rosé was talking to their audience during the concert. The raw emotion on her face and in her voice caused by finally doing what she loves most in her hometown would melt even the coldest of hearts. Not to mention that she sang “Coming Home” for her solo.

After that tear-jerking moment seeing Lisa get adorably excited one again at the prospect of seeing some penguins was just what we needed. Guys, she called them her FRIENDS, how cute is that!? We’re glad to see that she has found some time for herself even while touring.

PS: Blackpink’s official YouTube channel just became the most subscribed to music group channel, surpassing One Direction!

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