Blackpink Kick It At Wired Music Festival ’19

Today, September 7, Blackpink performed at the Wired Music Festival ’19. This is a two-day festival held at the Aichi Sky Expo in Japan.

The festival organizers closely monitored the course of the typhoon Lingling in order to ensure everyone’s safety and cancel the day’s performances if necessary, but thankfully, the day passed without any major problems caused by the weather.

Our favorite four girls delivered an amazing performance, despite the windy weather. If anything, they looked liked they were in a shampoo commercial with their hair gloriously flowing all around.

They performed their (unfortunately) latest hit “Kill This Love” (come on YG), along with older fan favorites, such as “Kick It” and “As If It’s Your Last“.

We hope the girls will get back to Korea safely!

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