[Blackpink] Lisa And Jisoo Showing Support For Fellow YG Artists

The fact that they unfortunately have no music of their own to share with us doesn’t stop Lisa and Jisoo from expanding our playlists with some good tracks.

Today, September 30, both girls took to their IG accounts to show some support for Vince and Okasian, artist signed under The Black Label, which is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

The label was formed in 2015 by YG producers Teddy and Kush. Besides the already mentioned Vince and Okasian, the famous rapper Zion. T and ex-I.O.I. Somi, who recently made her debut as a soloist with “Birthday”, are also signed under the label.

Fun fact, the mini-Jennie super popular child model, Ella Gross, is also a part of The Black Label Family.

If you’re in dire need of new music while you’re waiting for YG to remember that Blackpink deserve a comeback (and some solo songs wouldn’t hurt also), be sure to check out this song when it drops on October 2.

You can watch the full teasers below.

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