[Blackpink] Lisa Shows Why She Is The Main Dancer

If you’re living under a rock and didn’t know that Lisa has her own private YouTube channel called Lilifilm Official, you’re in for a treat.

Today she uploaded a video of her dancing to Rosalia’s “Malamente”.

Once again she proved that the title of main dancer is rightfully hers. All of her movements are so smooth but so powerful at the same time and the sensual sound of the song fits her dancing style perfectly.

Blinks are absolutely amazed judging by the comments under her video. They are hoping we’ll get to see more content like this on her channel, and we couldn’t agree more. Fun fact: she gained 44k subscribers today, and the day isn’t over.

It also wouldn’t kill YG to give her a solo with a bangin’ choreography soon, but hey, what do we know about running a company.

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