Blackpink Meet David Beckham

Today, October 9, the David Beckham X adidas event took place in Yeongdeungpo district, Seoul. The event was organized to promote adidas Ultraboost, Hangul Limited Edition. 

As you might have gathered, the football legend David Beckham attended the event, and so did our four favorite girls from Blackpink.

In the video below you can see the moment Blackpink and David Beckham met and talked to the crowd of people who came out there to see them. As you can tell from the cheers, nobody was too mad that Blackpink got there 20 minutes late, something they had no control over, we’re sure.

We have to say, all the girls look amazing, but if Jennie is a Chanel princess, then Rosé is an adidas one.

The five of them looked insanely good on that stage, no wonder James Corden got so jealous when he heard David was going to Korea and had an event with Blackpink scheduled.

Speaking of James Corden, we definitely need a Blackpink Carpool Karaoke ASAP.

Do you think it was weird for David to meet the new generation of girl groups, since he’s married to the OG girl group member Posh Spice?

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