BLACKPINK Surprise V Live With Child Model Ella Gross

Today, October 23, Jisoo and Rosé finally blessed us with another Blackpink V Live.

Even though the broadcast was very short – it lasted less than ten minutes – it was incredibly sweet thanks to their surprise guest – the beautiful Ella Gross.

If you didn’t know, the child model extraordinaire is currently signed under The Black Label, a YG subsidiary.

The “little Jennie”, as some Netizens dubbed her, met Blackpink in summer of 2018.

Judging by the caption written by Ella’s mom, Ella is a certified Blink.

That just makes today’s V Live even cuter! It seems like Jisoo and Rosé just wanted to show off their little friend to all of their fans.

They teased her that she is a baby, but then her and Rosé compared their heights and Ella, at ten years old, is just a few inches shorter than Rosé.

The girls also joked about the three of them looking like a girl group, and we have to say we wouldn’t mind if Ella became an honorary Blackpink member.

Before they said their goodbyes, the girls taught Ella how to say “Goodnight, I love you” to the fans. Such an adorable moment!

We hope to see more of their interactions in the future!

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