BoA Is Back With “Starry Night” (Feat. Crush) + Album Interview

Today, December 11, the living legend BoA made her first comeback after more than a year with the second EP Starry Night, consisting of six songs that are perfect for this winter time.

  1. “Starry Night” (feat. Crush)
  2. “Black”
  3. “Butterfly”
  4. “I Don’t Mind”
  5. 보여 “Think About You”
  6. 말린 장미 “Dry Flower”.

The Queen of K-pop teamed up with the popular R&B singer Crush for the romantic title track “Starry Night”, in which the two artists depict a couple sharing warm feelings as they gaze at the starry night sky. Enjoy their beautiful harmony and BoA’s charming visuals in the music video (with English subtitles) below.

BoA participated in the songwriting process for this song, as well as for “Black” (Track 2) and “Dry Flower” (Track 6). She also took part in composing the latter two songs.

Find out more interesting details about the mini album, its concept, the MV filming, and more from the woman herself in this exclusive interview:

What’s your favorite track on the Starry Night album?

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