BRANDNEW MUSIC Artists Are Cool And Festive In Collab Singles

BRANDNEW MUSIC, the home to many talented hip hop artists as well as two K-pop boy groups (AB6IX and BDC), has decided to treat the fans for the holidays with special releases!

The company’s “DO THAT BRANDNEW THING” year-end project gathers their top artists on two collaboration tracks:

  • “Melting” – Kanto, AB6IX (minus Woojin, who is recovering from his injury), Kang Min Hee, YODAYOUNG, BDC
  • “Look Good” – Bumkey, Yang Da Il, Kebee, Kanto, KittiB, MC Gree, Yenjamin, Vincent Blue.

Both songs dropped today, December 12, and you can check them out below. Did you know that “Melting” was composed by Lee Daehwi himself? That’s one talented maknae!

Happy BrandNew Year, everyone!

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