‘Bring The Soul: The Movie’ Fan Review

Disclaimer: As the title of this review states, I’m an ARMY and this will definitely be a very biased review.

Long story short, I absolutely loved it! The movie was beautifully shot, it was funny, heartwarming and tear-jerking all at once.

I know that we as fans can never really know what goes on behind the scenes, even when a movie, such as this one, claims to show us exactly that, but I simply cannot imagine anything I’ve seen today to be fake. The seven of them are so effortlessly lovable and loving. The amount of care they show for each other is simply astounding. They really are a family.

And don’t get me started on their sense of humor. Every single one of them made me cackle at least once in those less than two hours. Worldwide hilarious is wrecking my bias list extremely hard and I’ll have to do some self-reflection later.

Judging by the reactions I had seen on Twitter, I thought I would be drowning in my own tears five minutes into the movie, but I did not cry at all. I have to admit I came really close during “The Truth Untold” when V couldn’t sing due to his cold and the crowd took over.

It’s amazing that these seven goofballs can unite a whole stadium (dozens of times at this point) of international fans who are bellowing their very Korean lyrics back at them, and they still think they can disappoint us by missing a note.

One other moment that stuck out to me was when they were talking about what they were going to eat once they finally return to Korea. They got so excited talking about their favorite street food while sitting in an upscale apartment in Paris after they (almost) finished their world-tour. In this house we stan humble kings (who dress solely in Gucci and Balenciaga, yeah Jimin, I’m looking at you, who runs on a treadmill in a Balenciaga hoodie???).

This is getting long so I just want to say that this movie has once again shown me how happy I am to have found them and this fandom. I really do love them more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Did you watch the movie? What was your favorite moment?

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