[BTS] #130Weeks_With_Spring_Day No.1 On Twitter

BTS’ song “Spring Day” has been on the Melon Weekly Charts for a record-breaking 130 weeks now.

The song came out back in February 2017 and has not fallen of the chart once since then. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

To put things into perspective, that’s almost two and a half years. To be precise, it’s going to be two and a half years in less than four days. That’s a quarter of a decade!

The song has become somewhat of a meme among ARMY on Twitter (I’m looking at you V at the MAMA 2018), so it comes as no surprise that #130Weeks_With_Spring_Day is No.1 trending topic on Twitter with almost 150k Tweets.

Here are some of them.

If you need to refresh your memory on why this song is so legendary, we got you covered.

Did you become an ARMY pre-Spring Day or post-Spring day? Let us know down below!

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