[BTS] All Bow Down To K-pop King Jimin

It’s so nice to know something deep down and then finally get some confirmation!

Jimin is the K-pop King of 2019 according to a King Choice poll. Mochi absolutely dominated the list by getting 1,275,292 votes in total!

Jimin already proved that he was very well-loved by ranking no. 1 on the Individual Member Brand Reputation Ranking this month (and many other months).

We absolutely understand why he was crowned king. What’s not to like? Sings like an angel, looks like an angel, dances like… well. You know how Jimin dances. In case you need a reminder, or just want to spend the next three minutes and nine seconds the best way you can, we’re just going to leave this here.

Congrats, ChimChim. Long live the king!

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