BTS And Blackpink New VMAs Nominations

Can it be? Have music gods heard our “Hey! That’s unfair!” cries? It sure does look like it.

According to Billboard, the MTV VMAs high-ups are not done with adding new categories for this year’s awards show.

In addition to the controversial best K-pop category, they added three new “fan-voted” categories – best power anthem, best summer song, and the one we’re focusing on, best group.

Lo and behold, BTS and Blackpink have been nominated! Would you look at that. So K-pop artist *can* be among other western artists? And call me biased (he he), but we K-pop stans take our stanning very seriously, so I have no doubt in my mind that one of these two amazing group will take this title home.

If you want to refresh your memory on who else is nominated in the best K-pop category, you can check out our previous article right here.

Stay tuned for more VMAs related news!

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