BTS Announce Vacation Vlogs

The curse of 12 am KST continues! When we got a notification that BTS_official uploaded something a few minutes ago, we almost dropped our phones.

But alas, no sign of a comeback yet, though we don’t doubt we’ll hear about that soon enough.

BTS are blessing us with a series of vacation vlogs starting from October 2 and ending on October 11.

As you can see, all the boys seem to be having a blast in the thumbnails – Jin and Yoongi are fishing (we’re getting Yoongi in shorts again, you guys), Hobi is making his Chicken Noodle Soup, Namjoon is enjoying all the culture Europe has to offer, Taehyung is spending some quality time with his son, Jimin is following Namjoon’s footsteps and enjoying some beautiful scenery, and Jungkook is… at the gym. Huh. He also mentions his longer hair in one of the hashtags, so maybe we’ll get some insight into how long he’s planning to let it grow. Oh, he also called his vlog “Diaries of a muscular bunny“. Do with that information what you will.

See you at 9 pm KST on October 2!

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