[BTS] ‘Bring The Soul: Docu Series’ Air Date And Synopsis

Less than a week after BTS announced that Bring The Soul: Docu Series will be airing on Weverse sometime soon. Today, August 16, BTS’ official Twitter profile (one of them) retweeted this tweet from Weverse.

According to the announcement, each Tuesday, starting on August 27 and ending on October 1, ARMY will get one episode, which they will be able to watch for a fee.

In the Tweet they also provided a link to the series’ official webpage, where you can find the trailer for the series and the synopsis of each episode.

The six episodes, titled “Challenge”, “Passion”, “Relationship”, “Influence”, “Cordiality” and “Energy” are supposed to take us behind the scenes of their “Love Yourself” tour.

If the series will be anything like the Bring The Soul: The Movie, they will take all of us on a roller-coaster of emotion, ranging from “I want to rip out my heart out so it stops hurting” to “I just snorted my water because I was laughing so hard”.

Will you be watching the series on Weverse? Let us know down below!

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