BTS Comeback Countdown

January 14, 6 pm KST

On January 14, at 6 pm KST, we finally found out what “CONNECT, BTS” is.

Check out the official explanation of this project.

Just like it was announced, this project will take place in five cities all across the world.

January 10, midnight KST

Ladies and gents and everyone else, we got ourselves an “Interlude: Shadow” comeback trailer. For all those of you who guessed that Yoongi will be getting this intro, congratulations!

BTS are really not playing games this comeback!

January 9, midnight KST

It has begun!

A day after BTS announced that they were coming back on February 21 with a new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, they uploaded their teaser schedule (for the first time ever!).

As you can see, Big Hit decided to make it as complicated as possible, to everyone’s excitement and utter bewilderment.

The period leading up to their comeback is divided into four phases, with the first phase starting on January 10, presumably at midnight KST, with the first comeback trailer named “Shadow”.

Stay tuned for all updates!

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I always support BTS. I purple you Bangatan Seoyandan…

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