BTS Conclude Chiba Fanmeets

These past two days, November 24 and 25, BTS have held their first two Japan fanmeets at the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba, near Tokyo.

Just like with all the previous BTS Musters, the Chiba audience got to enjoy in an absolutely amazing setlist. Some of the fan-favorites the boys decided to perform included the rap line masterpiece “Ddaeng”, “Pied Piper”, “Airplane Pt.2 (Japanese ver.)” and “HOME”.

This was also the first schedule Jungkook attended since he got his hair dyed. We don’t know if what we saw is the finished look or a work in progress, but we are here for it either way.

Check out the photos they shared from the first day…

…and from the second day.

The boys will soon be on their way back to Korea, where they are set to perform at the MelOn Music Awards on November 30. On December 4 (Worldwide Handsome Day) they are performing at the Mnet Asian Music Awards and already on December 6 they haveto be on the other side of the world to attend the Jingle Ball before they come back to Japan for their fanmeets on December 14 and 15.

Even though their schedule is completely packed, this is nothing our boys aren’t used to. We are looking forward to all of their year-end activities.

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