A month into their break, Jin is back in their dorm doing another installment of Eat Jin. Although there was no eating this time, there was a lot of talking.

After telling us he spent Chuseok being busy and working, Jin went off on a tirade about melons… which lasted for five minutes.

Then he reminisced about his fishing trip with Yoongi back in August.

In a typical Jin fashion, he bragged about catching many more fish than Yoongi, including a big rockfish. Living his best grandpa life, it seems.

According to him, Bang PD himself invited him on a fishing trip, but due to his schedule he couldn’t go. Then he asked Bang PD to go on The Fisherman and the City with him, but Bang PD politely declined and that was the end of their failed fishing adventures.

When he wasn’t roasting ARMY on Weverse, Jin was gaming. He admitted to gaming for 15 hours a day for almost a week, which made him sick of it. He said he’s over it now, though, and that he’ll game some more after the V Live. Kookie would be proud.

Thankfully, gaming was not all he did in the past month. He picked up a new hobby – riding a bike. He bought a new bike and went on *two* whole rides already. Wow!

As you could see in the video, Jin is back to his “natural” raven hair, but he doesn’t know for how long. He’s considering his options. He always looks great, but we’re partial to the boys’ black hair.

You’ll be glad to hear that Jin is actively trying to gain weight. His goal weight is around 140 lbs (63 kg). Yeah, you heard that right. Before their break he was at 130 (59 kg) . He’s 5’11” (180 cm)… Let that sink in. Anyway, he didn’t manage to reach his goal, but he’s going to keep trying.

He shared a funny story that happened during Chuseok dinner. His aunt was giving out money to the “kids” and she looked at him before saying “yeah, you get some, too”. Jin said he was very grateful and that he would use it for MapleStory. He’s absolutely shameless.

And that was pretty much it.

What do you guys think he meant by saying he was busy on Chuseok? Did you miss Eat Jin?

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