BTS Get The Warmest Welcome In Riyadh

As you already know, yesterday evening BTS flew from Incheon Airport to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where they are set to hold a concert at the King Fahid International Stadium tomorrow, October 11.

Since this is their first time performing in Saudi Arabia, Saudi ARMYs really went all out to make them feel welcome upon their arrival to Riyadh.

Imagine being so loved (“popular” just doesn’t fit in this context) that people will literally paint a city a certain color, just to let you know they love you.

Additionally, the security at the King Khalid International airport was absolutely airtight, and they managed to get out of the airport and to their (very, VERY luxurious if the rumors are true) hotel without any complications. Good job whoever was in charge, it really looked like they left nothing to chance.

We hope all the Saudi and Middle Eastern ARMY will have the best time ever at the tomorrow’s (completely sold out) concert!

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