BTS Give Hints About Their MAMA Performance

With only two days left until this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards take place at the Nagoya Dome in Japan, everybody is already buzzing with excitement.

Today (Dec. 2), a new BTS Star Countdown video was tweeted from MAMA official Twitter account. In the two-minute clip, the boys gave us several hints about what we can expect from their performance on Wednesday.

One hint that we’re pretty sure we know the meaning of is “130911” – the boys released their O!RUL8,2? mini album on September 11 2013. This might very well mean that we’ll get to see the boys perform the album’s title track “N.O” at the award show. This Saturday at the MMA (where they won all four daesangs and an additional four awards!), BTS performed another one of their very early songs “Boy In Luv”, so another stroll down memory lane would not be that surprising.

As far as Taehyung’s wish of going to space is concerned, maybe the boys will also perform “Mikrokosmos” again, or maybe they’ll treat us with some “Pluto”.

That only leaves the last hint – future. Aren’t the boys due for a comeback soon? Maybe they’ll grace us with some more hints about that.

In any case, we are more than excited for their stage!

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