[BTS] Happy Birthday Kookie!🎉

How do you know that you’re a mf superstar? You have around a dozen birthday hashtags trending worldwide!

Jungkook, Jeongguk, Kookie, Ggukie, Golden Maknae, Bunny, we wish you the happiest of birthdays! May your hair always be as healthy as it it now, may you win every game you play, may you get all the gains you want, and may you keep making us happy with your music for years to come!

It seems like such a serendipity (wrong member but sue me), that today of all days “Euphoria” reached 50 million views on YouTube, doesn’t it? Well, it’s another reason to celebrate.

Years pass, some things change, some chains get smaller (thank God), but those big doe eyes…

…just keep getting bigger and brighter.

My boss will definitely never let me hear the end of it when she sees this “article”, but hey, not every day is #GoldenJungkookDay! An ARMY’s gotta do what an ARMY’s gotta do, right?

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