[BTS] Happy Birthday Namjoon!🎉

We firmly believe that one day the September 12 will be a worldwide holiday because Namjoon will somehow manage to save both the planet and all of humanity. We’d like to argue that he’s well on his way to doing both – forests are being planted in his name and his (and all of the boys’, of course) message of loving oneself is already changing and saving lives.

So, to the hero we need but absolutely don’t deserve, we wish you the happiest of birthdays! We hope you enjoyed your trip around Europe and that you’ll have many more similar experiences, we hope you’re namjooning as we speak surrounded by people you love most and, most of all, that you are as happy as you make us!

Rap Monter, RM, Namjoon, you can seriously be so proud of the man you’ve become <3

Also, all props to ARMY for getting #HappyBirthdayNamjoon, #OurJooniverse, #HappyBirthdayRM, #MoonchildDay , Kim Namjoon, #HappyNamjoonDay, #RM이든_김남준이든_믿고_따라갈게 and #Happy_RM_Day all trending worldwide! We hope this puts a smile on his face.

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