[BTS] J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” VLive Recap

Just two hours after Hobi and Becky G released their new, revamped version of 2007 “Chicken Noodle Soup” by Webstar and Young B, Hobi went on V Live to share his excitement with ARMY.

We found out that this song was a long time coming for Hoseok – he started working on in back in 2017/2018 when he was working on Hope World, but back then he couldn’t find an artist to collab with.

He also told us that the “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance was the first dance he learned when he got into dancing and that as such this song holds a special place in his heart and he really, really wanted to release it.

He talked about meeting Becky G back in May at the Billboard Awards when we got this photo.

Hobi admitted to being very awkward when they met, but Namjoon stepped in to translate and and help the situation go more smoothly. They took this photo and everyone went on their merry way, but Hobi felt disappointed because he didn’t get a chance to talk to her more.

Then he touched upon his August LA trip that sparked all the rumors and interest. He said that is was his first time travelling LA without the rest of BTS and that he felt nervous, but also very excited. This really isn’t news but, they filmed the MV then. He gushed about the dancers in the video, saying he couldn’t believe how energetic they were. According to him, the last scene in the MV wasn’t even supposed to be in it, but he just loved the atmosphere on the set so much, he asked the director to add it in.

The choreography for the song was a group effort – Hobi, his old dance teacher and the legendary Son Sungdeuk all participated in making this the masterpiece it ended up being.

Speaking of Mr. Son, he showed his support for Hobi both on his IG and Twitter account.

At one point in the broadcast he was joined first by Taehyung and then by Jungkook. Neither of them stayed long, they just danced a bit with their hyung and left. We did notice that Jungkook was really trying to hide his right hand though. Do with that what you will.

Oh, Jungkook also told us he’s been busy working on his “non-Korean” song and that it’s coming out soon. It would be about time since he’s been teasing us since his birthday almost a month ago.

Hobi asked ARMY to do the Chicken Dance Challenge he just posted on TikTok. He admitted that he’s still unsure as to how exactly the app works. All the elderly people (20+) can relate.

Towards the end of the broadcast Hobi talked about how he spent his Chuseok. He was home, eating delicious food and walking his adorable dog. He said that the time spent back in Gwangju served to further inspire him for this release because that’s where his dance roots are – at Gwangju Music Academy.

Guys, he even talked about the airport outfit. You know THE airport outfit that left us both speechless and with a lot to say.

He said he thought about what he’d do on the plane ride back to Seoul, but that he decided to leave it like it was because it seemed cool to him in that moment. He added that he had no idea that everyone would lose their minds over it or that Naver and co. would have a field day when the photos were released.

And that was pretty much it, guys.

Are you ready for Jungkook’s song? What about their comeback?

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