[BTS] Jimin Enjoys Alec Benjamin’s Concert

Today Alec Benjamin, an American singer-songwriter best known for “Let Me Down Slowly”, performed in MUV Hall in Seoul, and our favorite Mochi attended the concert.

After the concert, Jimin took to Twitter to show some love for the talented singer in the following tweet.

Seems like the feelings of respect and love are mutual, since Alec sang a part of “Fake Love” during the concert. And there’s also this.

There’s something so lovely about seeing two amazing artists supporting each other, isn’t it.

Now, we all love seeing BTS members in their free time, but Big Hit *did* ask us to respect their privacy during this well-deserved break. So, all of you taking sneaky pictures of Jimin during the concert just know that we at TheStandom are shaking our heads disapprovingly. It’s not like the boys aren’t feeding us enough content to last us a year-long break, so let them feel like regular twenty-somethings for a while.

Did you know about Alec Benjamin before this tweet? Are you going to give him a listen if you didn’t? Let us know down below!

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