[BTS] Jimin’s Pre-Birthday V Live

Today, October 12, a very sleepy Jimin went on V Live to hang out with ARMY for a bit before breakfast.

In the broadcast, titled “Meeting ARMY a day before my birthday” Jimin talked about their concert In Riyadh yesterday evening. He said that all the members seemed to really enjoy their first concert after a long break, especially Jungkook, who he remembers seeing yesterday during the “Dopemedley rocking out and having the time of his life. Jimin admitted that before that moment he had been overthinking his performance, but seeing JK acting like “an angry tiger” helped him let loose as well.

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past 12 hours or so, you’d know that the rest of the members sang Jimin the Happy Birthday song. He said that at first he didn’t recognize what they were singing and that he thought they were out of sync. Jimin actually forgot it was his birthday amidst all the concert preparations. Thankfully, all the ARMY at the stadium made sure he remembered – he said he felt really happy when he heard thousands of people wishing him a happy birthday.

After that heartwarming moment, Jimin shared a funny story with us. He told us that his phone didn’t recognize his face when he woke up today because he was so puffy. After a few tries, he got mad at the phone and threw it away.

Jimin also talked about his time off back in August and early September. He said that he was staying with a friend and completely randomly asked him if he wanted to travel somewhere. This friend has traveled to Paris a lot, so Jimin thought it would be a good idea to go to Paris. The two of them made that decision in less than an hour and simply went to the airport – no luggage or anything, just what he had on him at the moment.

He spent his three days in Paris wisely – he slept a lot, ate good food and had a few drinks. This sounds like a perfect vacation.

When he came back to Korea he went straight to Jungkook’s place since it was his birthday. Hobi joined them and the three of them had a good time eating some cake and hanging out. The next morning Jimin went to Hawaii.

He said he wanted to sort of recreate what he did with the rest of BTS when they visited Hawaii for Bon Voyage, which didn’t go quite as planned since some hiking trails were closed, but he still had a great time there. If you watched his vlog he uploaded two days ago, you already know that.

Jimin then went back to Busan and spent some time with his family. That was not the end of his travels, though. After a quick trip to Seoul, Jimin went to Russia. He added that this trip was also very spontaneous and added that those were his favorite types of trips because you can rest when you want to rest, eat when you want to eat and there is no list of things you have to do in that particular country.

Jimin then talked about getting his driver’s licence. He admitted that getting the licence for the sake of knowing how to drive and actually having a licence wasn’t his purpose. He just wanted to show his friends who sometimes teased him about not having a licence that he could do it. And so he did it – on the first day of their break no less.

He also touched upon their latest Bon Voyage trip to New Zealand. He said he really likes the feeling of all of them being back together after a while, he likes how loud they get.

Jimin commented on his hair color, saying he’s been wanting to change it since around June because he likes experimenting we new colors. However, since he doesn’t want to go bald, he’s been taking a bit of a break and letting his hair be for the time being.

Somebody asked him to chose between “Lie” and “Serendipity”, and he said that he doesn’t really like “Lie”. Then he corrected himself and said that the concept of the song is really dark, but he still has a lot of love for the song and it makes him feel deep emotions when he’s performing it.

After some more chitchat and replying to the fans’ comments, Jimin said that he’s going to go soon because he wants to go have some food and then exercise with Kookie (maybe we’ll get a photo from the gym again). He promised he’s going to come back sometime next week to talk to us some more.

We hope all the boys will arrive to Korea safely and that Jimin will have the best birthday ever!

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