[BTS] Jimin’s Vlive + Funny Twitter Reactions

Buckle up people, this is going to be a long one.

Funny how Jimin is more active on Vlive now that they are on their break than he was before, not that anyone is complaining.

In his last Vlive from two days ago he told us that he would try to do another one today. Then he tweeted this.

In the tweet he implies that sadly, he won’t make it today. Then, less than two hours after that tweet he goes live! Talk about being caught in a lie

Being the supportive king that he is, he played Jin’s song “Tonight” (which we can’t link because copyright is a thing), and then called him over. Worldwide handsome gladly joined him and then their normal shenanigans ensued. If you’re missing Jin’s window wiper laugh, definitely check out this video.

Left alone once again, Jimin decided to play some music and put on “Nervous” by Gavin James. Go check out his Twitter account to see the love he showed our favorite Mochi.

Jimin also announced that he went to the gym today. We guess he’s really trying to work on his stamina for the concerts like he promised. Do you know who else went to the gym? RM, who thought it was acceptable to walk into the room in a sleeveless shirt with arm holes bigger than all our hopes and dreams combined.

As we could have expected, this break thing they have going on now could not and did not stop them from being productive. RM, the absolute king of spoiling stuff in Vlives, blurted out that he’s helping someone with a song. AND they did a pinky promise “to do what they talked about in that hotel back on tour”. Doesn’t get more adorable than that.

Check out some ARMY reactions on Twitter.

Speaking of those stage cams, stay tuned, another article on that will be up shortly!

Did you manage to see Jimin’s Vlive while it was live? Are you planning to move to another timezone if you didn’t? Let us know down below!

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