[BTS] Jin’s Birthday VLive – Bangtan Shenanigans

Today, December, 4 is a very important day, and we’re not talking about the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Today is our Worldwide Handsome Jin’s birthday.

In typical Jin fashion, he decided that the joy of counting down to his birthday should be shared with the whole world, so a few minutes before midnight KST, he went live.

During the first broadcast we got to see Jin checking BTS official Twitter profile to see his birthday message. After some technical difficulties caused by poor internet connection, Jin managed to see his own beautiful face blowing him a kiss.

He was soon joined by Hoseok and Jimin. The two sunshines brought him a birthday cake and Jin got to blow out the candles.

Look out for the boys on the MAMA red carpet tomorrow, word on the street is Jin wants to wear that hilarious birthday hat for the occasion.

Namjoon also popped in for a second, but after saying some nonsense about looking ugly, he left.

Jungkook and Taehyung soon joined the birthday boy, Jimin and Hoseok and that’s when the real party started. The boys played some games before Hoseok left and the maknaes and Jin spent the second broadcast playing a Lion King video game.

Once Jin was left alone again, he turned a bit serious for a moment, saying that he doesn’t need any presents from his bandmates, that them coming over to his room to celebrate his birthday was more than enough. Humble king!

This was some quality content! Can’t wait to see the boys tear up the stage tomorrow! We’re more than ready for another throwback.

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