BTS – Kings Of VLive 2019

It’s official! BTS are the reigning kings of VLive!

Recently, the app has revealed their 2019 data, and BTS have secured themselves three no. 1 spots!

First, their channel has been announced as the best channel of this year, which really comes as no surprise given that they won the Most Loved Artist award at this year’s V Heartbeat Awards on November 16.

Taehyung and Hoseok both managed to set some individual records as well.

Taehyung has the most watched VLive broadcast of this year (and all time) – his “It’s been a long time” broadcast from June 8 has an impressive total of more than 502 million views!

Hoseok’s “HOPE Day countdownğŸŽ‰”, on the other hand, is the broadcast with the most comments.

Congratulations to our boys and to all the other remarkable VLive channels of 2019!

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