BTS’ LOVE MYSELF Campaign Video

A few hours ago BTS tweeted a link to their LOVE MYSELF Global Campaign Video Shooting Sketch.

In the video we can see the boys during the shoot looking stunning as always. I’m serious, there’s a scene in which the water from the pool is reflecting on V’s face and that pastel pink hair, it’s absolutely glorious.

Jimin said (1:35) that this shoot was very different from their MV shoots because it was much more static, but that he loves it so much because it was for a good cause and it has such a deep message.

To remind you, the LOVE MYSELF Campaign is a two-year anti-violence campaign which started almost two years ago, on November 1 2017. The campaign is a product of BTS’ partnership with the Korean and Japan Committee for UNICEF. The aim was, and still is, to protect young people and ensure them a life without fear and violence.

If you need some good feels in your life, look up the hashtag #BTSLoveMyself. As part of the campaign, BTS urged their fans to post self-loving photos with the hashtag on all social media.

Did you use the hashtag? Let us know down below!

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