BTS Might Get A Dedicated Space In The Centre Pompidou

Art belongs in an art museum, right? Well, folks at the Centre Pompidou sure do think so.

They proposed to open a space dedicated to BTS to showcase their popularity and cultural impact. They got the idea after BTS’ performance in Paris during their “SPEAK YOURSELF” tour and currently they are still in negotiation with Big Hit.

Leaving fandom allegiances aside, you have to admit that if this were to happen, it would be quite impressive and a huge accomplishment, not just for BTS but for K-pop as a whole. Museums in France don’t dedicate spaces to specific people often, and when they do, it’s for huge household names such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. K-pop is without a doubt come a long way from being a niche music category, however, it still seems that some people in high-up places believe it should be put in its own category, away from “regular pop”. This would be another step in the direction of recognizing K-pop for what it really is – a global phenomenon, and not just something only teenage girls like.

Congrats boys and happy negotiating!

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