BTS New Exclusive Webzine Teaser + Twitter Reactions

Listen Big Hit, did it ever occur to you that we need a break, too? You know we get excited about everything the boys do, and this constant state of excitement cannot be good for our health! What’s that? Oh, I should be grateful and stop complaining? Yeah, sounds about right.

A few hours ago a teaser for “BTS (방탄소년단) GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ‘ARMY’ MEMBERSHIP Webzine -ARMY ZIP-” was released, and boy, there’s a lot to unpack there.

In times like these I kind of miss being just a regular fangirl because then I could first smash my keyboard for a minute while emitting a very high-pitched sound, and then go on Twitter and join the masses losing their minds. But alas, I have to put my thoughts into words and keep it at least PG-13.

So lets start.

  1. So glad to see that harnesses are still a thing.
  3. Exclusive footage of the world’s cutest cat playing with a ball.
  4. Is that Namjoon namjooning?
  5. I guess I missed the “bruises aren’t supposed to be attractive” memo.
  6. Whoa. That’s dangerous. (And I’m not talking about the gun).
  7. I guess I missed the “cuts and scratches on someone’s face shouldn’t be attractive” memo, as well.
  8. A new superhero? Is Suga really becoming Captain Korea?

Once again Twitter ARMY did not disappoint with their reactions.

Do you think their next comeback will be superhero related? The general opinion on Twitter is that the concept will probably be darker than the last two comebacks.

What do you think about this Webzine? Are you already a member of the Exclusive Fanclub? Let us know down below!

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