[BTS] RM’s Eco-Friendly Birthday Present

What do you do in the name of the best leader in K-pop (and future president of the world)? Why yes, you save the planet!

Somewhere between 200 and 300 ARMYs teamed up with the Seoul Environment Union in order to create RM Forest No. 1.

This project resulted in 1250 trees being planted in RM’s name in front of the Han River Clock Tower in Jamsilin . Himself an avid nature person and all around good guy, RM will surely be blown away by the news.

The group hopes to make this a sort of a tradition and are already mentioning RM Forest No. 2. in 2020.

The project was, of course, funded by ARMYs donations. They once again proved that when given the choice between going hard and going home, they act like they forgot their address – they donated 11.114 million won (around $9,140), which is the sum of 1.994 million won plus 9.12 million won. We know you’re smart enough to get what this means ;).

We can’t wait to see ARMY absolutely break Twitter for RM’s birthday!

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