BTS “Speak Yourself” Tour Is Drawing To A Close

Today, October 25, BTS held the first of their three final “Speak Yourself” Tour concerts in Seoul. The tour started back on May 4 in Los Angeles, and since then the boys have visited nine cities across four continents, and now they are back home in Seoul.

In the past six months they have performed in front of around a million of fans, and given the fact that the Seoul Olympic Stadium has a capacity of a whopping 70,000 people, that number will grow significantly by the time they wrap up their tour on Tuesday.

For all of us unlucky I-ARMYs who couldn’t pack up our bags and go see them live, Big Hit made sure to give us a chance to still be a part of this amazing experience by streaming the concert on V Live.

We even got a special greeting from Jungkook – in English no less.

All the fans across the world watching this through V Live, it’s time to fly. Let’s get it.

You heard the man, let’s get it!

PS: Jimin stans (or people with working eyes), how are we feeling about silver Jimin making a comeback?

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