BTS Special Chuseok Message

BTS have just uploaded their Chuseok video over on their YouTube channel, and the kings of wordplay are at it again.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the men behind such masterpieces such as “Outro: Tear” and ESPECIALLY “Ddaeng” would think that just saying “Happy Chuseok, hope you have a good time with your families” would be a little too normal for them.

The boys took the phrase “Chuseok jal bonaeseyo!” roughly translating to “Have a good Chuseok” and they divided it into syllables. Then each member took one syllable and they had to start their sentence with it.

It went a little something like this:*

V – Chu – “I’m looking for someone to make [happy] memories with”
Suga – seok – “Seokjin hyung”
Jin – jal – “together with handsome Seokjin”
JK – bo – “together with full moon”
RM – nae – “even if I can’t do it, Jimin can”
Jimin – se – “to our dearest and beloved ARMY”
J-Hope – yo – in typical J-Hope fashion, he started singing “Happy Chuseok”

*Translations may contain inaccuracies, but we gave it our best shot!

Our inner linguists are overjoyed! What do you think? Did you like the video?

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