BTS Star In New Seoul Promo Videos

For the third year in a row, BTS have been chosen to be the Honorary Tourism Ambassadors of Seoul by the Seoul Tourism Organization.

Each member is the star of one promo video focusing on different aspects of what Seoul has to offer as a top tourist destination. The videos are supposed to reflect the members’ personalities, and we have to say they really do.

Worldwide handsome Jin was the star of “City Break by Jin” video. If you’re not hungry and missing Eat Jin after watching this video, there’s something wrong with you. Seoul street food looks amazing!

Grandpa Yoongs looked so soft in “Recharge by SUGA” video. Out of all the attractions in the short clip, the Seoul Botanic Garden looks the most appealing to us.

Then the human embodiment of sunshine and happiness J-Hope showed us what excitements Seoul has to offer in a video titles “Exciting Moments by J-hope“. The video can be summed up as New Year’s Eve meets water park meets classier Coachella.

All you history and culture buffs out there, get ready for Namjoon’s video “Old But New by RM“. Of course he would star in the most sophisticated one.

Jimin tried to fool us that he’s just a boy next door in the “Local Life by Jimin” video. Jimin, regular boys don’t work out in Balenciaga hoodies! Just, kidding, the video looks amazing. We’d argue that the best part of travelling is immersing yourself in the local culture.

Taehyung showed some fun activities Seoul has to offer in his “Getaway by V” video. The people in the noreabang look like they’re having an absolute blast!

You think that beautiful scenery is reserved for the countryside? Well, Jungkook would beg to differ in his “Scenic Nature by Jungkook” video. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we think that concrete and steel can be just as photo-worthy as rolling hills and sandy beaches.

The Seoul Tourism Organization sure know what they’re doing. The boys did an amazing job of convincing us that Seoul indeed is a city for everyone.

Have you ever been to Seoul? What did you like best?

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