BTS Update – Rose Bowl, Riaa Charts & Jimin Hashtag

Yesterday was a busy day for our boys – even though they are on their well-deserved break.

As we’ve told you yesterday, BTS won three awards at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards (click here for our BTS article and here for our Soribada Day 2 article).

In addition to that, the boys got their own brick at the Rose Bowl Stadium where they held two iconic concerts last May, earning more than 16 million dollars in the process.

BTS also received another RIAA Gold Certification, this time for their mini album Map Of The Soul: Persona. This is their second album to achieve this – they already received gold certification for Love Yourself: Answer. In addition to these two albums, they also have gold certifications for their singles “DNA“, “Fake Love” and “Idol“, as well as two platinum certifications for “MIC Drop” and “Boy With Luv“. What else is there to say except BLING BLING?

And finally, #jimin became the most used hashtag on Instagram with almost 41 million posts! Though, we have to say we get it…

We can’t wait for their future amazing achievements… And knowing them, we won’t have to wait long!

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