[BTS] V Still Hopes For Recognition From The Rap Line

V brings a lot to the BTS table. Amazing visuals, beautiful deep husky voice, eccentric (and sometimes questionable) fashion sense… and if you ask him, amazing rap skills.

And yet… Literally everyone else (apart from Jin, as far as I know) got a chance to show off their fire-spitting abilities – the rap line in… well, all of their songs, Jungkook in early bops such as “No More Dream”, Jimin in Agust D’s “Tony Montana”.

Why are RM, Suga and J-Hope sleeping on his skills?

Our favorite Winter Bear still hasn’t lost hope though. Just a few short hours ago he posted this video on their official Twitter account.

There are no official statements on the motivation behind this clip, but we have a feeling it was to show his hyungs he *needs* to be included in the next Cypher.

Still not convinced that he could hold his own in a rap track? Check this video out.

Even if his flow still needs a bit of work, nobody can say that he lacks enthusiasm!

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