BTS Vacation Vlogs Ep. 4 . Fishing King Jin

After a two-day break over the weekend, we got the next episode od BTS’ Vacation Vlogs. This time we got to see Jin and Yoongi’s fishing trip through Jin’s eyes.

Right off the bat, in the first 30 seconds of the vlog Jin has said more than Yoongi, Namjoon and Hobi combined, and we love him for it.

It’s so funny to see the exact same fishing trip shot so differently. The person who filmed Jin knew not to film in portrait mode, for example.

We found out that the boys had to get going at 2 am in order to catch their boat at 3:30. There’s two kinds of people at a**-o’clock in the morning – Jin, who dragged Yoongi on camera, all happy and energetic, repeating “this is my fishing partner Yoongi“, and Yoongi, who barely kept his eyes open and just wanted to take a nap. If you remember his vlog, he did manage to have a quick shut-eye.

Jin told us that he used to go out at sea in a smaller boat with around 20 seats, but that now he upgraded to this one which has 70 seats. He was excited to see just how big the boat is.

At 2:52 Jin said that he plans to catch a fish every hour until 9 am, when he would like to have four fish already caught and ready to eat.

Then we saw him catch the tiniest fish ever, but Jin was still happy – he said it’s better than nothing. We don’t know if this was a slight jab at Yoongi, who we know didn’t have much luck during their trip. Check out our recap of the latest episode of Eat Jin in which he talks about this day.

We know for a fact that Jin caught at least three fish, and we even saw our two fishermen eating what they caught for breakfast, so good job!

At the end of the video we see a tired Jin saying that all the people who plan on going fishing like this have to be prepared to feel exhausted by the end of it.

We hope the boys took a nice long nap after their (not so) fruitful day!

See you tomorrow for Taehyung’s vlog. Yeontan, here we come!

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