BTS Vacation Vlogs Ep. 5 – Tae And Tannie’s Cuddle Session

In the fifth episode of BTS Vacation Vlogs we got Taehyung touching Yeontan‘s squishy paws. And some other less important things.

At the beginning of the video we see 4/5 of the “Wooga squad” (Tae, Park Seojoon, Choi Wooshik and Kwon Sunghwan) living it up in a car. They have just arrived on Jeju Island.

We get a glimpse into what the boys were up to while on their yacht, but Tae has already shared some of his favorite moments from the trip with us back in August, and you can check that out here.

After that we see Tae back in their dorm, being bored while listening to “Boy With Luv” and making his signature silly faces.

Just because he was on vacation doesn’t mean that he stopped taking his fitness any less seriously, so he took us with him to the gym after breakfast. His workout was more an impromptu dance session than an actual workout, but hey, he at least did something.

After a quick trip to a PC room with his brother it was time for the the grand finale of the vlog, the moment we’ve all been waiting for ever since we saw the thumbnail for his vlog, his cuddle session with Yeontan.

Tae and Tannie got to spend some very-much-needed time together during the Chuseok holidays. All props to Taehyung for having a successful career while having Tannie as a dog. How he manages to make himself do anything except play with Yeontan is the biggest mystery surrounding BTS.

Tomorrow we’ll get to see Jimin on his travels and then on Friday Jungkook will take us to the gym with him. Stay tuned for that!

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