BTS Vacation Vlogs Ep. 3 – Namjoon In Europe

We spent Day 3 of BTS vacation vlogs in Europe with Namjoon.

Namjoon started his mini Europe tour in Italy, where he visited Milan and Venice. The intellectual that he is, he spent his time enjoying good food and amazing art (he managed to go see a Yun Hyongkeun exihibition), which he already shared with us on their Twitter account.

Just like Hobi in his vlog, Namjoon also blessed us with some good music – his own. Both “forever rain” and “seoul” made this video even more artistic than it already was.

After Italy, Joon was off to Wien where he enjoyed some city bike rides (why does he look attractive on a bike?), and a Monet and Picasso exhibition.

His last stop was Copenhagen where he took a boat ride and filmed some seagulls. No crabs this time guys.

See you tomorrow for Jin and Yoongi’s fishing trip, Jin edition!

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