BTS Vacation Vlogs Ep. 6 – Jimin Came Through

Yes, the title of this article is a reference to the song playing in the video.

Second to last vlog in this series brought us Jimin on his travels.

Jimin’s vlog is by far the shortest one, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t give us some good, good content.

We got to see how much fun he had editing his Paris and Hawaii footage, and he also took the time to tell us that he’s having a great time with his friends in Hawaii, but that he misses the rest of BTS and he hopes they’ll get to visit the beautiful island together sometime.

We also got to see his friend “Cloud”, who Jimin introduced by saying “There’s the most beautiful cloud”. Such a cutie pie.

At the end of the video Jimin left us a message that reads:

I thought about the rest of the members often while I was on vacation. I want to thank them once again for entering my life. ARMY and members, I love you!

We love you too, Jimin!

See you tomorrow for the final vlog 🙂

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