BTS Vacation Vlogs Ep. 7 – Jungkook At The Gym

All things must come to an end, including Bangtans’ Vlog series. The last to upload his Vacation Vlog was Jungkook, also known as Muscle Bunny.

True to his word, or to be more precise, his thumbnail, Jungkook spent the entirety of this video at the gym. When he wasn’t getting swole (yeah, we said it), he was enjoying bike rides with his two fishing hyungs Jin and Yoongi. Unfortunately, neither of them remembered to take us with them.

One of the highlights of of the video was the appearance of the adorable pooch Jjajangie.

By the way, how does Jin look better now, when he’s two years older? That man defies the laws of nature.

Speaking of that handsome, handsome man, Kookie said that if he had his body, he wouldn’t have to to work out and that he envies him.

The little cheeky bastard concluded the video with “it must have not been easy to watch such a boring video”. Was this the most thrilling content we’ve seen this week? No. Would we watch him watching paint dry? Yeah, probably.

Did you enjoy BTS’ Vacation Vlogs? Whose vlog was the most interesting in your opinion?

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