#BTSisBack And Jungkook’s Hair Is Still Long

Now, when Big Hit announced that BTS would be taking an extended break after the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, first I thought “oh yaaay they’re gonna rest”, then “oh wait, how long are they gonna be gone?”, and then “oh wait, they have concerts scheduled for early October, so they’re gonna be gone for two months”. I was a clown for thinking they’re not the absolute worst workaholics ever, it seems.

So, yeah, BTS is back and on their way to film Bon Voyage most likely. Let’s unpack the eight-minute video of them at Incheon airport you’ve probably already seen a million times on your Twitter feed.

First thing’s first, Jin is not there, but at least we know he’s alive and well thanks to his Eat Jin episode from two days ago.


If the hair fits… Don’t get me wrong, Snape is an amazingly written character, but why be young Snape if you could be young Sirius?

And what’s up with those hand tattoos?

So a young Snape mixed with some Mickey Milkovich? Only I’m still bitter about that show? Yes? OK.

Now, if it weren’t for Jimin and the whole “Nevermind” thing-y, I’d scream from the rooftops that these are fake, but now… Well, they’re still probably not real, hand tattoos are unfortunately still a bit taboo.

While we’re still on the topic of hair, Yoongi’s looks the absolute healthiest ever and him not being able to stop touching it is the most precious thing in this video.

People are calling Namjoon’s hair “a mullet”, which… My boss doesn’t let me express possibly inflammatory opinions, so I’m just going to not comment.

We don’t know where they’re going or how long they’ll be there, but we are hoping that they’ll still manage to get some semblance of rest and relaxation while they’re there. We don’t doubt they have a busy end of the year ahead of them.

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