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D–1 (September 30)

The final photo teasers for Chen’s comeback are shots from his MV, revealed in the teaser yesterday.

First we have Chen at sunset

…and a nighttime view of the Nation’s Vocalist.

The music video for Dear my dear‘s title track “Shall we?” drops tomorrow at midnight, while the album will be released at 6 pm KST on October 1. The wait is almost over! Are you excited?
Don’t forget to also tune into Chen’s “radio” VLive (“Dear FM, to you who I love, it’s Chen”) at 5 pm tomorrow.

Finally, make sure to keep up with our future coverage of Chen’s first comeback. #CHENisBack, everyone!

D–2 (September 29)


The second teaser for the “Shall we?” music video just dropped!

We are blessed by Chen’s vocals once again, but we can also tell that the MV features a couple of actors who are bound to tell a beautiful love story. Check it out below.

We hope you have your tissues ready!

More teaser images are coming up tomorrow, before Dear my dear is released, exactly 48 hours from now. Meanwhile, Chen has been confirmed to make his first music show appearance this comeback on SBS’ Inkigayo on October 6.

UPDATE No. 1 (12 AM KST)

EXO’s Chen is now officially the concept king!

The fifth version of his teasers dropped today, presenting a colder vibe than what we have seen so far. One thing stays the same, however, and that is Chen’s stunning visual.

Check out the latest four photos in sequence below.

Also, Jongdae just held his first solo VLive ever! You can watch it here.

D–3 (September 28)

Chen is showing off his beautiful features in the latest close-up teasers.

Take a look at him looking at you by swiping below.

This may be a good time to remind you of the following Tweet, as it is definitely most appropriate.

Point blank and period!

D–4 (September 27)


The first MV teaser for Chen’s latest title track “Shall we?” is out now!

After the acoustic setting of his highlight medleys, we now hear Chen singing a cappella. Check out this ethereal vibe below.

Here are the translated lyrics heard in this clip:

This heart that has become as warm as this cup of tea
My shy self is a little old-fashioned, isn't it?

That’s our Kim Jongdae AKA the king of romance!

UPDATE No. 1 (12 AM KST)

Today we got a fourth version of Jongdae’s concept photos! SM is finally feeding Soondingies well…

Check out Chen looking angelic on a rainy day, wearing a turtleneck. This comeback is basically soft boyfriend looks galore!

These two may be our faves, but make sure to check out all four below and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for the first MV teaser that drops later today!

D–5 (September 26)

Five more artworks of Kim Jongdae have appeared!

The concept this time around is boyfriend Chen, chilling on a sofa, being an intellectual with a book in his hand.

You can swipe left above to see all the teasers released today, but we also have to take the time to appreciate this superior selfie style photo on its own…

You’re welcome.

In addition, the second highlight medley, featuring the remaining three songs on Dear my dear, just dropped! Have a listen here:

Once again, it is evident that Chen is experimenting with genres on this album. Firstly, you can hear rock influences in “My dear”, followed by some retro pop in the title track “Shall we?”. Lastly, “Good night” is a heartwarming ballad that sounds like magic.

The fact that Chen wrote the lyrics to “My dear” (Track 2) makes us that much more excited for it! It’s so cute how, for both of Chen’s EPs, the title of the song he wrote ended up in the album name: April, and a flower and now Dear my dear.

In conclusion, this EP already sounds like a masterpiece. Which track are you most looking forward to?

D–6 (September 25)

UPDATE: Comeback VLive

Chen will hold a comeback broadcast on V LIVE on October 1 at 5 pm KST, i.e. one hour before Dear my dear is officially released!

The title is “Dear FM, to you who I love*, it’s Chen” and it will be a visible radio concept. You can enjoy DJ Chen‘s soothing voice as he gives song previews, shares behind-the-scenes stories of the album’s production, gives life updates, etc.
(*“To You Who I Love” is the literal translation of the EP’s Korean title: μ‚¬λž‘ν•˜λŠ”κ·ΈλŒ€μ—κ²Œ)

Make sure to tune in! We know we willπŸ˜‰


Five more teaser images just dropped!

Chen looks gloomy but beautiful in these black and white mirror concept photos. Swipe left below to see all of them.

We are so ready to become emotional wrecks after listening to this album. How about you?

D–7 (September 24)

UPDATE: Album details

Chen’s second mini album (EP) Dear my dear comes in two beautiful versions resembling actual books – which was in fact Chen’s idea!

The blue one is the “my dear” version, while the yellow one is the “Dear” version. More information on the Chen Official Website or you can check directly at SM Global Shop, where the album is available to preorder.

Which version will you choose?


Today, a week before the album release, we got not one, not two, but five teaser images of Chen!

First our jaws hit the floor because of that hair…

Then, those proportions…

…and that side profile…

In combination with the whole fall aesthetic, each photo could make a good magazine cover.

Soondingies, how are you doing right now?

But, wait, there is more! SM also shared the first highlight medley for Dear my dear, featuring three tracks:

  • “You never know”
  • “Amaranth”
  • “Hold you tight”.

All three are slow tempo songs, but each one gives off a different vibe. “You never know” is like a sweet lullaby, “Amaranth” has a nostalgic and gloomy feel to it, while “Hold you tight” has an acoustic sound that is fresh and hopeful.

Have a listen in the video below and enjoy Chen’s perfect vocals to the fullest.

“Amaranth” is already proving to be an iconic song, as it was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in Korea within an hour of the medley’s release! The literal translation of its Korean title (고운 κ·ΈλŒ€λŠ” μ‹œλ“€μ§€ μ•ŠμœΌλ¦¬) is “The beautiful you won’t wither”, which is a beautiful message that has evidently resonated with many fans.

Also, in case you think “Hold you tight” sounds familiar, it’s because Chen already performed it during his busking sessions over the past month.

Which one of the three tracks is your favorite at first listen?

D–8 (September 23)

UPDATE: Title track

This morning, it was officially announced on Lysn that the title track for Dear my dear is going to be “Shall we?”.
(The full tracklist is linked at the top of the article.)

Track 1 “Shall we?” is a retro pop song with a sophisticated mood, a romantic melody, and lyrics talking about love. According to the Lysn update, this title track will “lead the newtro [new retro] craze”, referring to the recently trendy fusion of retro and pop music. For some additional context, Chen’s SM Station single “Lil’ Something” (featuring Heize) is similar to this style.

Chen is known to be a vocalist who suits many genres, so we cannot wait to hear him do this kind of concept! Mark your calendars, as Dear my dear will be released on October 1 at 6 pm KST.


At midnight KST, SM revealed the first teaser image for Dear my dear!

Here is Kim Jongdae in a beautiful brown boyfriend look and his album cover on the wall in the background. We’re loving this nice and chill vibe, perfect for fall.

More teasers coming up tomorrow!😍 

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