[CHEN] ‘Dear my dear’ Album Commentary

“Shall we?” MV + Schedule

Chen’s second EP Dear my dear dropped at 6 pm KST today, so make sure to stream it on the following Korean music services

…and/or buy it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or Google Play.

Kim Jongdae held a showcase this morning – hosted by his fellow EXO member Sehun – and his comeback VLive (“Dear FM my dear, it’s Chen“) one hour before the album release.

During this live radio-style broadcast, Chen talked about the album as a whole and each track separately.

He explained that one of the differences between his first and second album is the fact that the latter has little photos inside that he took himself. Photography became his “healing hobby”!
Chen also stated that he wants Dear my dear to be interpreted as a letter to his fans and the important keyword he wishes to express with the album is love (whereas April, and a flower was all about consolation). Chen’s hope is that everyone become people who love others and who are loved in return. How sweet is that!

Here is the recap of his album commentary.

Track 1

The retro pop title track “Shall we?” went through the most changes during the recording process. Chen said that whenever he is in a good mood, the melody of this song passes through his mind unconsciously. He also pointed out that his heart fluttered the first time he heard the song. The track is perfect for people who are in love and Chen hopes that the romantic and nostalgic vibe translates well to listeners.

Track 2

“My dear” is a Britpop song written by Kim Jongdae himself! It’s his favorite track on the album, besides “Shall we?”. The lyrics reflect Chen’s sincere feelings. He once again worked with Kim Jaehwi (the composer who helped write “Flower” on April, and a flower) on this track. While songwriting, Chen thought about a love that is beautiful even after it ends because of the memories that remain.

Track 3

According to Chen, “Amaranth” is equivalent to “Flower”, from his first EP, in the sense that he also wants it to be a comforting song for others. For this reason, he particularly focused on the emotional delivery while recording. He also wanted to portray the fall vibe through guitar sounds, unlike the other songs, that are more piano-based. Chen said that he’d like for us to listen to this song whenever we feel lonely.

Track 4

This track is the one Chen performed during his busking sessions. He first sang “Hold you tight” in Busan, then in other Korean cities, and he was surprised how quickly the fans memorized the chorus and sang along with him. As for the reason why he chose this song for busking, he stated during his press conference:

When I first heard this song, I thought of my fans who love me. That’s why I wanted to sing it before the album release.

Jongdae finds the lyrics of this song especially beautiful, such as the “You who looks up at me” verse.

Track 5

While recording “You never know”, Chen imagined that the story was about ex-lovers who ended the relationship and remained friends, but one person still has feelings for the other, which is why they never know whether to express their love. The main point of this song is the “Lalala” part, which Jongdae finds really sad, since it sounds like the person is pretending about not being affected by this one-sided love.

Track 6

“Good night” is the ideal to listen to before going to sleep. It’s the song Chen identified with the most. He said that on very eventful and busy days, he found himself being unable to fall asleep because there was a lot on his mind, which is why he wants this track to heal and help people who go through the same thing, just like it did for him.

To conclude his VLive, Jongdae left us with this final message:

More than how the results [on the charts] turn out, I have this hope that everyone can feel the same happiness and emotions that I felt while preparing for this album.

How did you guys like Chen’s latest mini album? Which track on Dear my dear is your favorite?

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