Chungha Releases New MV For “Fast”

Earlier today, September 11, JTBC posted a video featuring sporty Chungha jogging around Seoul’s most famous landmarks.

The 30-second video was announced as the main promotional video of 2019 JTBC’s Seoul Marathon that will take place on November 3. The clip is actually just a snippet of Chungha and Mommy Son’s new MV for their song “Fast”.

The new song brings a perfect combination of Chungha’s sweet vocals and Mommy Son’s fast rap lines and the name sure is fitting for the event. The MV shows both Chungha and Mommy Son in the studio, as well as Chungha getting ready to run the marathon.

We will be waiting to see how that goes in November, and in the meanwhile, you can check out the song and the MV below:

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